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Twilight  by  Melissa J. Morgan

Twilight by Melissa J. Morgan
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Title: Summer Confidential - TwilightAuthor: Melisa J. MorganDate published: 2009Genre: action, sports, & romanceCassie is a pro. Surfer who resent ally had an encounter with a shark, witch made her scared of surfing.

She became a C.I.T. (counselor in training) at Camp Ohana, because she thought that it would help her get over her fear of surfing. When she gets there she started to fall in love with a guy named Micha who is another surfer and C.I.T. at Camp Ohana. When they finally started going out Cassie figured out she is loosing her most valuable sponsor and her spot on the professional surf team, and that if she doesn’t qualify for a competition in brazil she well loose everything. Micha decides to help Cassie with her fear and get back on the bored.

While all this is happening Danica (Micha’s ex) is trying to brake them up and take Cassie’s spot on the pro. Surf team. It turns out that Danica ended up taking spot but when Cassie saved her cousins life in front of her coach and sponsors when there were shark by her she got everything back. Everything turned out right for Cassie.The theme of the book is never give up on fighting your fears. An example from the book of this theme is when Cassie would go as far as she could handle and surf there hoping that everyday she would be able to go a little farther.

When that didn’t work she tried to not surf at all and not think about surfing at all. She did this by hiding her surf board under her bed so she wouldn’t think about the competition, but this didn’t work either.

When her cousin was drowning in the ocean and people said they saw shark fins sticking out of the water she jumped into the water to save her cousin, and this helped her finally get over her fear.I think people who read Soul Surfer would like this book because its still about an inspirational story about a girl and a shark attack. They are really simmer but different. They are similar because they both are about a girl who had an encounter with a shark while surfing and they both have that antagonist that wants to take there spot.

The are different because in Soul Surfer the main character wants to get back into the water to surf but in Summer Confidential Cassie is scared to surf after the shark attack. In Summer Confidential there is a big love story but in Soul Surfer its all about the surfing. In summer confidential Cassie didn’t get bit by the shark while in soul surfer the main character (Bethany) lost her arm in the shark attack.A quote from the book that shows a sense of the author’s writing style and to pique interest is on page 114 paragraph 2 “ Come on.

Stop this. You said you were ready. You wanted to surf. You … HAVE…TO…” this shows the authors righting style because you know how badly Cassie wants to get over her fear.I relate to Cassie because when we both are afraid of something we well try to get over it and it wont work. We then are doing something witch we don’t expect to get over our fears and then we get over them thinking that it wouldn’t have caused us to get over it. The book has effected me because I have always wanted to go surfing but I have always been scared about the sharks and this book thought me not to be scared of them.

It also made me want to surf even more. The only thing I didn’t enjoy about this book is how the narrator followed the characters. The narrator isn’t following one persons story for the whole time , they switch off on who’s life they are following. For example in one chapter the narrator is following Cassie but in the next chapter it can be Micha and so on.

I would really recommend this book to people I really couldn’t put the book down and I strongly recommend you to read it.

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