Sounding Five Habu


Published: February 23rd 2013

Kindle Edition

93 pages


Sounding Five  by  Habu

Sounding Five by Habu
February 23rd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 93 pages | ISBN: | 3.60 Mb

Sounding Five provides five stories by habu of what possibly is the most intimate and dominating sex act one man can perform on another, one that is so intimate and extreme that it is only rarely written about. Sounding is a BDSM fetish of domination, trust, and control. One slip of the wand and a man can be ruined.

Few engage in the activity, but those who do know that it can provide them with ultimate arousal and satisfaction.In the first work in this anthology, “Searching for It,” a young sailor from Vancouver, who is on the East Coast of the United States for the first time in his life, working on a private yacht, goes searching for relief in the gay district of New York near the docks area at the foot of Manhattan. He finds something he’s never experienced before, the tease of a sounding-like technique, in a gay club and winds up being kidnapped to be given the full sounding experience himself.“Career Guidance” is the story of a young-looking Hollywood star who has rebelled against always playing young, boyish roles by engaging in a life of debauchery, including publicly gossiped-about encounters in a car with a transvestite.

His agent, as a last-chance measure, uses the controlling mechanism of sounding to put the young actor in his place and attempt to save his career as well as fulfill the long-frustrated fantasies of the agent himself.A high-paid male prostitute is given a “punishment” assignment by his pimp to provide unusual and taxing services to a kinky doctor in “Prepped and Sounded.” And “Roswell’s Frontier Motel” explores an alien variation of sounding in the supernatural world, for a highly unusual take on this fetish.The concluding story, “Do You Trust Me?,” takes the reader to the picturesque Italian harbor town of Positano, where a young fisherman and café singer shows that he’s willing to do anything to leave Italy and break into movies—even a very specific kind of movie.

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