Quiet Mornings John Seggman


Published: April 19th 2012

Kindle Edition

254 pages


Quiet Mornings  by  John Seggman

Quiet Mornings by John Seggman
April 19th 2012 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 254 pages | ISBN: | 9.15 Mb

At nineteen, Steve Lawson knew how it felt to sleep on fifty thousand dollars cash. A feeling he was sure could never be beat. Call it confidence, call it arrogance, at twenty-two Steve builds a dream house for two and is a man who is in control of his world.

While Steve may have perfected the art of looking like he has it all, he soon learns it comes at a price.Once his son was born, Steve watched the landscape of his life change in a way he never imagined. Realizing parenting is more than a mere side job, he became the kind of man who would rather spend his lunches playing dodge ball at his kid’s school playground than furthering his career. While Steve and his wife Jen raised their three children he struggles to find a balance between work and play, a balance that may cost his family their financial future.

Steve Lawson is a man with one passion, his family. And while life happens, his family gives him hope for better days. Throughout his twenty year journey he learns there is no parenting finishing line, only new beginnings.

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